What you might not know…

  • We’re open all year round,
  • You can find the largest puppet nativity scene in the Czech Republic right here; it is the Royal Crèche covering an area of 80 sqm,
  • Václav Havel lent his mother-of-pearl nativity scene to the museum from 2005-to 2009. He received the item as a gift from Yasser Arafat during his visit to Palestine,
  • The oldest nativity scene you can find in our museum dates back to the 18th century,
  • The smallest nativity scene in the collection is contained in a hazel nut and was produced by Ján Chvalník,
  • The museum is located in the oldest house in the surrounding settlement of Karlštejn Castle;
  • The cellars under the house are 15 metres deep,
  • The museum is a private institution and operates without any subsidies,
  • We specialise in historical nativity scenes from Bohemia and Moravia,
  • Our collection includes around 200 historical nativity scenes and their parts, and the collection is still growing,
  • The museum building is a cultural monument, including the wall surrounding the whole complex,
  • One of the most famous personalities who have lived in the Karlštejn parsonage (today’s museum building) included Václav Hájek of Libočany, the dean of Karlštejn from 1527 to 1534. He lived a remarkable life. He managed to expose the sadistic tendencies of the burgrave’s wife, Mrs Kateřina Bechyňová of Lažany, who had tortured her maids, and brought her to justice. The burgrave retaliated and got him deposed from his high office. According to legend, twelve white virgins, representing the tortured maids, still appear at Karlštejn. One White Lady can also be seen by visitors to our cellars.