Muzeum betlémů
267 18 Karlštejn 11

IČ: 68141483, 03162567


Mgr. Romana Trešlová: Organisation of exhibitions, shop, information centre, café

Mgr. Hana Krylová: Educational and creative programmes for children

Contact us

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Opening hours:

(we are open anytime from 9 am for booked groups).

Opening hours during the Christmas holidays:

Groups must be booked in advance by phone.

For groups exceeding 15 people, it is also possible to open beyond the specified opening hours by appointment.

You can see:

Royal Crèche – the largest Czech puppet nativity scene covering an area of 80 sqm,

A large collection of Czech historical nativity scenes displayed in beautiful interiors,

Curious and miniature nativity scenes, e. g., made of sugar or bread,

Movable nativity scenes that children can launch themselves,

Interesting baroque cellars.

The exhibition is suitable for children.