A shelter cat is also beautiful

Adoption and charity exhibitions of shelter cats

Exhibition dates: June 1st-2nd, 2013-2019

The first shelter cat show was held in 2013, and since then, other events have been held once or twice a year. The entrance fee to the show has always been voluntary. The show also used to include a Charity Cat Fair where the visiting cat lovers could buy lovely souvenirs. All of the proceeds from the fair were used for veterinary care and food for cats in shelters.

We are happy to have been able to establish and maintain such a necessary tradition for many years. In cooperation with the civic associations Chlupáči v nouzi and Kočky Dobříšsko, we prepared a project that assisted shelters and home depositories financially in the form of donations and food. We significantly helped prospective owners of cats to make their choice. We are pleased that our charity exhibitions have found their fans. The shows used to be well attended, and dozens of abandoned cats have found their new homes thanks to them. If visitors did not choose a cat at the exhibition, they could arrange a visit directly to the shelters and choose there. See www.utulek-kocky-chlupacivnouzi.cz and www.kockydobrissko.cz